Learning through Play

Two children learning outside


We value Montessori education because it offers children opportunities to develop their potential. Children leave the Montessori classroom as engaged, competent, responsible, and respectful citizens with an understanding and appreciation that learning is for life. The Cullman Center understands that children learn by playing. A large portion of the daily curriculum is set aside for just that. The Cullman Center is equipped for both large and small motor activities and features games, toys and activities to accommodate all age groups.

There is a large indoor play space, with lots of room for large motor activities. The children can ride tricycles and scooters, or play quietly with trains. There is a climbing loft, and several basketball hoops. Also popular with the children is an indoor sandbox fully stocked with appropriate sand toys.

Of course when weather permits, we prefer to play outdoors! The Cullman Center has a fully-equipped outdoor jungle gym, as well as basketball courts and plenty of running room! During the year, various activities also take place such as sledding, bike-days, and field trips.

Children playing with building blocks and toy sink

The Blended Approach is rooted in the theories of John Dewey, the Montessori Method and socially constructed learning experience inspired by Vygotsky’s work.

The basic beliefs of the Cullman Child Development Center philosophy are:

All children are competent, capable, and bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

Children are always in the process of developing self-awareness as learners in friendship and as a member of a family, a culture, and a community.

Play-based experiences take many forms.

Children need opportunities for discovery and play, as well as guidance, modeling, and support to be successful learners and develop positive identity.