Employee Assistance Program

More information on Capital EAP can be found on their website (our registration code is 127280) or by calling them directly at (518) 465 – 3813. Several of our staff have utilized their services already with great results!! The following resources are available to you for FREE.

Nutrition & Diet Assistance: Free consult with a registered dietician on food and fitness plans.

Counseling: 6 free CONFIDENTIAL, solution focused, in person, telephonic or video based services with a professional counselor.

Life Coaching: Free CONFIDENTIAL counseling and guidance to plan ultimate personal and career goals.

Resource Assistance: Free guidance on resources for care, food assistance, DSS and medicaid, housing, immigration, and domestic violence if needed.

Life-Balance Plus: Free support and locator assistance for aging or elderly parent case management, assistance for children with special needs or other individuals with disabilities. Referral services for addiction

Workshops: Participate in free online, anonymous workshops that give advice on ways to manage stress, setting boundaries, and other useful tips.