The New York State Pyramid Model is an initiative of the New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC). In addition to strong teaching and learning practices, the model is focused on building positive relationships, developing supportive and nurturing environments, teaching social skills, empathy, and emotional vocabulary, and providing individualized supports when needed. When Pyramid Model strategies and program practices are fully implemented, you will see parents, teachers, and administrators support the social and emotional development of the children they care for. The Pyramid Model serves a critical step in eliminating suspensions and expulsions in New York’s early childhood care and education settings.

Program-Wide Implementation ensures that programs are focusing on both the adoption of evidence-based practices as well as the development of infrastructure to support the sustainability of the Pyramid Model practices. At the Cullman Center staff are trained using our Pyramid Practices of maintaining a: Safe, Kind, and Calm environment. Each student learns and advances differently but with the right supports for preventing and addressing challenging behaviors in infants, toddlers and young children we can set students up for a lifetime of success.