A large portion of the daily curriculum is set aside for large and small motor activities featuring fun games and toys to accommodate all age groups.



We are a developmentally-based, child-centered, teacher-directed home away from home. We view each child as an individual, with the teacher acting as a companion and guide.


What the parents are saying

“My husband and I both work for the Sidney Central School District. Deciding where our child will spend his days while we are working is not something we take lightly. We have been impressed and completely satisfied with the care he receives. He is able to spend his days learning and playing, and is always happy when we pick him up. It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend the Cullman Center.”


“We absolutely love Miss Barbara and the work she is doing with [our son]. He is excited for each day. Every day after school he tells us everything he has done. He has a whole new excitement for learning. The class is amazing. The only thing we would change is wishing we got him into this sooner.”


“I have a little boy who will be 3 ½ in December and he joined the Cullman Center Montessori program in September…He brings home incredible artwork that involves concentration and strength. This school is setting the stage for my son to go to Kindergarten with all the elements necessary to succeed. This has been a great program…and we are so thankful that you continue to support his growth and success.”


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