Cullman Summer Series

Buzz About Honeybees day, held on Sunday July 9th from 12-3pm at the American Legion Post 183 in Sidney. At this event families will be able to observe a live hive behind a glass enclosure and learn more about the roles and responsibilities of honeybees within a hive. Working with local beekeepers children and families will also be able to watch a beekeeper spin honey and take a sample home, make beeswax lip balm and soap.

Dairy Day, held on July 23rd from 12-3pm at Keith Clark Park in Sidney. At this event children and families can learn more about the importance of dairy and farming in our everyday lives. Children will be able to play in a corn put, climb hay bales, and explore farm tractors. Working with local dairy farmers children will be able to churn and taste creamy butter, observe a milking demonstration, and explore the nutritional value of dairy products.

Big Rigs Day, held on Saturday, August 5th from 11am – 2pm at the Cullman Child Development Center in Sidney. At this event children and families will be able to explore and learn more about Big Rigs. We will have several crains, cement trucks, tractors, tractor trailers, fire engines, schools buses, police vehicles and even some vintage rides. Kids love to check out these various vehicles and all our vendors are excited to show them around the Big Rigs, pointing out useful facts, and answering questions.