Task for the Day

Write down something you are grateful on the post its for the for “Gratitude Wall” near Amy’s office.

+1 point for the Day: Participate in a Practice Meditation for no less than 10 minutes!

Before you try to meditate make sure you are in a private space where you are comfortable and relaxed. Today we will start with only a few minutes of practice. When you are ready to get started try this Tutorial.

Other Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Mindful eating: This involves paying attention to the taste, sight and textures of what you eat. Try this when drinking a cup of tea or coffee for example. You could focus on the temperature, how the liquid feels on your tongue, how sweet it tastes or watch the steam that it gives off.

Mindful moving, walking or running: While exercising, try focusing on the feeling of your body moving. If you go for a mindful walk, you might notice the breeze against your skin, the feeling of your feet or hands against different textures on the ground or nearby surfaces, and the different smells around you.

Mindful colouring and drawing: Rather than trying to draw something in particular, focus on the colours and the sensation of your pencil against the paper.

Task for the Day

Find someone to go on a walk with. If you can’t walk with someone, call someone while you walk. You must walk for a minimum of 20 minutes.

+1 point for the Day: Bonus points for an extra 20-minute walk, or one longer walk of a minimum of 40 minutes.

Some Conversation Starters

“What’s your favorite season, and why?”

“Do you have a favorite spot in nature to relax and unwind?”

“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

“Have you been working on any interesting projects lately?”

“Have you read any good books or watched any great movies/shows recently?”

“What are your favorite ways to de-stress after a long day?”

“What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?”

“What’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?”

“Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit?”

“What’s something you’re really proud of accomplishing recently?”

Remember, the key to a great conversation is active listening and genuine interest in the other person’s responses. These conversation starters should help spark engaging discussions and build stronger connections during your walk. Enjoy your time outdoors and happy chatting!

Task for the Day

Think about how you can better your well-being, write it down and take a step to address it. We will ask what you wish to improve, but it will be kept anonymous. Remember that our Capital Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to you. Some more information on our EAP Program is below.

+1 point for the Day: Complete (or register) for a Pyramid or Aspire training.

The recommended trainings are as follows:

Employee Assistance Program

More information on Capital EAP can be found on their website (our registration code is 127280) or by calling them directly at (518) 465 – 3813. Several of our staff have utilized their services already with great results!! The following resources are available to you for FREE.

  • Nutrition & Diet Assistance: Free consult with a registered dietician on food and fitness plans.
  • Counseling: 6 free CONFIDENTIAL, solution focused, in person, telephonic or video based services with a professional counselor.
  • Life Coaching: Free CONFIDENTIAL counseling and guidance to plan ultimate personal and career goals.
  • Resource Assistance: Free guidance on resources for care, food assistance, DSS and medicaid, housing, immigration, and domestic violence if needed.
  • Life-Balance Plus: Free support and locator assistance for aging or elderly parent case management, assistance for children with special needs or other individuals with disabilities. Referral services for addiction
  • Workshops: Participate in free online, anonymous workshops that give advice on ways to manage stress, setting boundaries, and other useful tips.

Task for the Day: Get as much done on your bingo card as you can. Bingo cards will be in your mailbox. Please return your bingo cards (if complete) to Amy. If they are not complete work on checking off all the other spaces 

+1 point for the Day: Completing your Bingo card!

Task for the Day: Bring a Healthy Dish to pass!

Some recipe ideas: 100 Healthy Recipes That Only Need 5 Ingredients (or less)!

+1 point for the Day: No Extra Points are available, with the exception that we will vote for the best dish and that person will receive two bonus points.